September 19, 2014




44% of the audience of Guardians of the Galaxy is female and all the speculation states that women went to see it for Chris Pratt’s body. I don’t think that’s fair. Maybe (and this is crazy) they just like kickass movies with space shit and explosions. Maybe women can do things without men being their motivation. Maybe.

Bless you


I went three times to watch Groot dance at the end. 

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September 15, 2014





Plot twist: The next companion is a normal girl/boy who only dies once in their lifetime and has no remarkable back story but he thinks they’re wonderful because they are human and the Doctor needs reminding that you don’t need to be a mystery to be remarkable. 

#and the doctor never has to kiss them or sexualize them at all #in fact they are not even attracted to the doctor

so basically we want Donna back


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September 14, 2014

Usually I am at about Minion level excitement for things like a new Marvel movie or my comic books arriving. 

But occasionally I reach foaming mouth guy level of excitement, like when they announced that the next Assassin’s Creed takes place during the French Revolution. 

(Ever since the first game I have been waiting to climb up the face of Notre Dame) 

September 14, 2014
Bobby Pin

A bobby pin, a fucking bobby pin. So small, so insignificant, overlooked and shoved into the corner of my bathroom where it escaped hundreds of cleanings. Hundreds of times I have gotten on my knees and scrubbed around the toilet and yet I managed to miss it every time until today. Why today?

Any other day I could have handled it, I would have simply tossed it into the trash with the used paper towels. Instead I sit here, cradling this bit of metal in my hand while the smell of bleach curls around me and the white tiles sit half scrubbed. It isn’t until I feel the wet drip off the end of my nose that I realize I am crying. I never cry, I never cried. I watched you slip away from me and not once did a tear escape my eyes. Yet here I am sobbing because I missed one of your bobby pins when I tried to erase you from my life two years ago.

You use to leave these fucking things everywhere. Scattered across the bathroom sink, in the bedroom carpet where I would vacuum them up, in the cup holders of our old hatchback. In the following weeks after you had gone I got rid of them all. Sold the car to some college kid, donated every scrap of your clothing to charity. I packed all your pictures away and sent them to your mom, I got rid of the sheets that held your smell, replaced the pillows. Sold the coffee table you stained with your wine that one night.

I threw everything that would remind me of you away, your shampoo, the soup you liked, your favorite mug. I heaped everything into the dumpster behind our apartment where it was taken away. I painted the walls beige, over the colors you had begged me for. I could no longer stand the yellows and teals you had so carefully picked out. I changed the air fresheners from tropical scents you loved to the smell of autumn and forests.

I stopped talking to our friends, they always loved you best anyways.  I doubt they even noticed I had left.  I stopped going to that natural grocery store, I moved to the big chain, even though they don’t carry the almond butter I like. I refused to do anything that would remind me of you. I refused to walk around the corner and be confronted with your memory.

I refused to mourn you, I could only be angry. How dare you? You chose to leave. You gave up, you let yourself slip away till I could no longer fight for you. Day by day I watched helpless as you withered away. Till every strand of your soft blonde hair was gone and all those bobby pins were useless. I told you were beautiful as you faded to a shadow of your former self. Held your bony fingers begging you to hold on, to not leave, to fight.

Still you whispered goodbye to me on that sunny afternoon. I watched the shadows play across your face as you shuddered out your final breath and the last piece of my heart shattered. The part that held all hope that my love would be enough to keep you here with me.

For two years this bobby pin has been waiting for me to find it, hiding where I thought I had erased all parts of you. As these tears that have been waiting for me to let them loose make their way down my face, I realize I wasn’t able to scrub my love for you off of my soul. 

September 13, 2014
Literally me right now. 
(P.S. This looks like a pretty interesting comic so go check it out here, I am definitely adding it to my read list)

Literally me right now. 

(P.S. This looks like a pretty interesting comic so go check it out here, I am definitely adding it to my read list)

September 13, 2014
If I ever get somewhat famous I am going to go by my nickname

seriously, no one knows how to say my name correct by just reading it.

September 12, 2014

Just Dust in My Eye                                                                                                                             


My best friend is dead

No, not literally, figuratively

He died around this time last year


When the bitter taste of winter

Had just entered the air

And the aftermath of summer

Had gone and disappeared


Once we were just going along,

Me, oblivious to the unholy specter

That haunted our friendly term


I imagine it was a quiet death 

I do not know for I wasn’t there

His kin didn’t even think to notify me

As if my heart did not care


It’s hard to deal with it sometimes

A friend who is six feet under

With only wilted sunflowers and

 A sullen angel to mark his severe


I go there sometimes to weep

For I see his ghost in pictures

In places we use to amble

With friends we use to share


How long should I wait

To stop wearing lavender

 How long do I dream

That he’s still alive

How long must I await retribution

For the poison I poured in his ear

September 11, 2014
Me: *Spends days doing research on angels and demons*
Me: *Ignores everything and makes up my own rules*
September 10, 2014


We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a very special announcement from your creators :)





We interrupt your scrolling to bring you a very special announcement from your creators :)




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September 10, 2014



I know!!! but I won’t spoil it for you, go watch the last episode <3

I just binge watched season 2 and 3 and the emotional trauma I went through is not something one gets over easily. 

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